Miss Nude World | A Photo Essay and Memoir


MISS NUDE WORLD, Nude contestants strut their wares before a panel of judges and an audience in various states of undress. The producer of the event, a predatory self-made millionaire, runs his nudist camp like a theme park. Lost in the crowd is the story of one photographer who learns to accept nudist culture by baring it all. The Truth was Nude—The Lie was Clothed.” 

Hardcover bound, 104 Pages, 95 color photographs, size: 8″ x 10″, on 100 lb paper.

Limited Edition (80 Copies): Signed and Numbered Copies: $45.00 + shipping and tax.




SPECTACLES, “A Memoir told through photography and jewelry design by an artist obsessed with recasting found objects and first-person experiences.” 

Hardcover bound, 106 Pages, 152 color photographs, size: 10 ½” x 8 ½”, on 80lb paper.

Signed Copies: $30.00 + shipping and tax.



False Bloom


“A one-of-a-kind combination of original stories and images, woven together using photographic tableaux, by Stephen Albair, edited by Martin Nash”

Collector’s Edition Only:
104 Pages w/page marker.
Hardcover, 8 1/4″ x 10 1/4″
Signed Copy: $30.00 + shipping and tax.


The Beginning Anticipates the End – The End Anticipates the Beginning.


“A narrative highlighted by images using found objects that create a mood, a feeling of anticipation that something has just happened—or is about to. These images are intended to coax the viewer into reimagining expectations, personal emotions and shared experience”.

Hardback 87 Pages, w/page marker, 8 1/4″ x 10 1/4″
Signed Copy: $20.00 + shipping and tax.