Artist’s Statement

Life’s ambiguities, love, loss and longing, are the subject matter for my artwork. They often reflect my personal experiences, as an artist, teacher, traveler and twin. These ideas evolve through an intense engagement with found objects, collage materials, art history, and the meaningful search for content. My process is based on tableau photography. With an old 35mm camera, natural sunlight and found materials, I create a dialogue between the objects. In this new environment, the objects appear as actors on a stage, with a momentary pause in the action. The camera records this action, with results that mimics painting more than photography.

The Images reveal and conceal layers of information and ideas for the viewer to interrupt according to their own experiences. Often, the staged objects create a mood, a feeling of expectation that something has just happened—or is about to. A balancing act between what is real or merely realistic.

CV Resume